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  • You won't need to update BIOS until the latest bios has improve / fix some functions.
  • You won't need to upgrade through all of the BIOS files, just upgrade to the latest one please and it will include all previous improvments.
  • Besides downloading the bios file, you also need the flash utility to flash bios rom.
  • For more detailed information about how to update the bios, click here please.
  • For more FAQs about BIOS relationship, click here please.

Model: BL7 / BL7-RAID

  1. Support Pentium 4 2.4GHz CPU.
  2. Fix occasional no POST with debug code 26 issue while "Fixed PCI=33" option was enabled in Softmenu III.
  3. support P4 Celeron CPU.
  4. HPT 37x BIOS version 2.31. The RAID function is for BL7-RAID and BW7-RAID only. This BIOS version is also for non RAID boards and HPT BIOS will be automatically disabled while RAID controller chip not detected.
  5. BIOS compile date: 5/14/2002
  1. The Default of year setup to 2002.
  2. Raise the adjustable CPU Core Voltage for Pentium4 processor.
  3. Fix ACPI error in system event viewer after resume from STR mode.
  4. HPT BIOS Version 2.0.1024.
  5. BIOS Compile Date: 3/14/2002
  1. Fix the CD-ROM boot issue on the SCSI cards.
  2. Fix the unbootable issue when installing a hard disk onto IDE-2 and set the boot sequence by following as HDD_1, HDD_0 then floppy.
  3. HPT BIOS version: 2.0.1024.
  4. BIOS compile date: 11/06/2001
  1. Fix the option "Shutdown When CPU Fan Fail" set to Enable, cause system delayed issue.
  2. Improve the STR function.
  3. HPT 370 RAID BIOS version: 1.11.0402.
  4. BIOS compile date: 09/14/2001.
  1. First release.
  2. HPT370 BIOS version: 1.11.0402.
  3. BIOS compile date: 07/16/2001.



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