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  Download BIOS

You have select BIOS file for BH6 , choose from the following available download locations please:

-ABIT- Main Sites

  1. ABIT FAE Server

Mirror Sites in Taiwan

  1. NTHU, Taiwan
  2. NCTU, Taiwan
  3. NSYSU, Taiwan
  4. NTUT, Taiwan
Mirro Sites in Europe

  1. USTL, France
  2. University of Marburg, Germany
  3. LEO (Munich, Germany)


  • For more FAQs about BIOS relationship, click here please.
  • Besides downloading the bios file, you also need the flash utility to flash bios rom.
  • For more detailed information about how to update the bios, click here please.

* We welcome mirror sites, please contact ftpadmin.

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