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You have select manual, choose from the following available download locations please:

-ABIT- Main Sites

Mirror Sites in Taiwan

  1. NTHU, Taiwan
  2. NCTU, Taiwan
  3. NSYSU, Taiwan
  4. NTUT, Taiwan
Mirro Sites in Europe

  1. USTL, France
  2. University of Marburg, Germany
  3. LEO (Munich, Germany)


  1. In this Section, we have user's manual files that can be downloaded. If you don't have Acrobat, you can click here and download it from Adobe's WEB Site, then you will be able to read the PDF files that you can download here.
  2. Since the file size of manuals are several megabytes, we suggest you downloading the manual via some download managerment software such as GetRight and Go!Zilla.

* To report a broken link, please send a message to . Please metion the account is NOT for technical support.

* We welcome mirror sites, please contact ftpadmin.

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