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WARNING!!! Read this before use AGP card!!! (BW7 / BL7 / TH7 / TH7II and all other 845/850 mainboards)


Model name: BW7/BL7/TH7/TH7II and all other 845/850 mainboards

Version: ALL


Since Intel 845/850 chipset supports AGP 1.5V only, wrongfully plug an AGP 3.3V only AGP card on Intel 845/850 mainboard will burn the MCH chip and cause your mainboard damaged.


  1. Most of the AGP cards gold finger is with a notch to identify AGP 3.3V or AGP 1.5V as illustrated in below picture. An AGP card without that notch means AGP 1.5V not compatible and cannot be inserted into AGP slot fully.
  2. Very few graphic card like Leadtek WinFast VR300, it's a 3.3V only AGP card but with "1.5V identify notch" golden finger. Such kind of abnormal golden finger will permit AGP card plug into 845/850 mainboard then burn the chipset and cause mainboard damaged.
  3. Some graphic card are with jumpers to switch AGP 1.5V or 3.3V. Please DO make sure it's jumpered at 1.5V before use it on Intel 845/850 mainboards.

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