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Quick Installation Guide- How to install Windows XP with HPT37X driver 2.0.1019



Press <F6> key several times when you see the following message at the beginning of Windows XP installation.
After some searching processes, the following message will be shown on the screen. Please press <S> key to "Specify Additional Device" and insert the floppy disk with HPT37X driver 2.0.1019 into the floppy drive, then press <Enter> key.
The install program will search suitable driver on floppy disk and then press <Enter> key please.
At this moment, install program will find the newer driver on floppy disk and please confirm it by pressing <S> key. If you hit <Enter> instead of <S> key, the installation process will continue with default driver loaded. It means that the driver 2.0.1019 hasn't been loaded successfully.
When you see the following message shown on the screen, it means that the driver on the floppy disk is installed successfully. Then please follow standard Windows XP installation processes.
During the installation, you will find a dialog box to confirm the software installation. Click the <Yes> button please. And there will be another dialog box to confirm the hardware installation. Click the <Yes> button too.


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