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  1. Released Date:07/31/2000
  2. Supports Celeron II CPU up to 633Mhz CPU.
  3. Fixes the keyboard LED still on issue after shutting down the system under Windows operating system.
  1. Released Date:06/26/2000
  2. Supports PIII 750Mhz, 800Mhz,850Mhz(100Mhz FSB) CPUs and Celeron 667Mhz,700(66)Mhz CPUs
  1. Released Date:05/26/2000
  2. Supports the Celeron 533A(66),566(66) and 600(66)Mhz CPUs.
  3. Improves the power on funtion by mouse right/left botton after shoutting down the system under Win98SE.
  4. Fixes the incorrect memory capacity issue under Linux.
  5. Fixes the ACPI issue under Windows2000.
  6. Improves the IRO assignment funtion.
  1. Released Date:11/11/1999
  2. Supports PIII 600Mhz(100Mhz FSB), 650(100Mhz FSB) and 700Mhz(100Mhz FSB) CPUs.
  3. Updates HPT 366 BIOS to Rev. 1.21.
  1. Released Date:11/06/1999
  2. Supports the Celeron 533Mhz(66Mhz FSB) CPU.
  3. Updates the BIOS or the HPT 366 controller to version 1.2.
  4. Fixes the boot failure issue with SCO UNIX.
  5. Fixes the system hang up issue when the ESCD record is incorrect.
  1. Released Date:08/27/1999
  2. Supports the PIII 600(100)Mhz CPU.
  3. Supports Socket 370 Celeron 500 Mhz CPU.
  4. Fixes the Y2K RTC problem.
  5. Fixes the password function.
  6. Improves the STD function.
  7. Supports the A, EXT, C option.
  8. Supports 40GB harddisks and above, However we aren't quite sure what the precise capacity is, since the current maximun harddisk on the market is 40GB.
  1. Released Date:06/17/1999
  2. First release.


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