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The Latest FAQs

  1. Does ABIT AT7 motherboard compatible with SYSmark2001?
  2. How to tweak my ABIT MAX boards for good performance? (AT7 / KX7-333)
  3. How to tweak my ABIT MAX boards for good performance? (IT7 / BD7II)
  1. Why the Windows 2000 system can't be waken up by USB Keyboard or Mouse after into stand by mode? (AT7)
  2. Why the system can't be resumed after "RTC Alarm" function setup to Enable? (AT7)
  3. How's the IRQ sharing issue for AT7/AT7E board?
  4. Is there any limitation of using DDR/SDRAM modules on AT7/AT7E?
  5. Does my motherboard support 137GB harddisk?
  1. How to install RAM module on NV7-133R?
  2. Could I duplicate a SPDIF (Sony / Philips Digital InterFace) header myself to plug into the NV7m SPDIF pin-out header?
  3. Why did the system hang in process of installing driver about 5 to 10 minutes that used KT7A with DMX_3194U SCSI Card under Win 2000?
  4. Why can't I format a FAT32 volume larger than 32GB?
  5. Does Abit KG7 / KG7-RAID support ECC and 4GB memory?
  6. How come the KR7A can't read the CPU fan speed? (KR7A/KR7A-RAID)
  7. I bought a TH7II-RAID motherboard with Pentium4 1.6A (512KB L2 cache) CPU lately, however, the system post to show"29" while booting up computer. Can you explain to me this problem?
  8. Why did the system hang in booting up that I used PowerVR KYRO II AGP Card with 4G DDR Memory on KG7 board?
  1. BD7 4th USB port pin outs
  2. PowerVR KYRO II AGP Card locks up the system while play 3D Games or other 3D applications on KG7 board.
  3. Why did I buy SD7-533 motherboard without accompanied CA-20 USB sound card?
  4. KR7A no POST with code C1.
  5. P4 board no POST with sirens. (BD7/BL7/BW7 and other P4 boards)
  1. There is infinite Loop or NV Loop/BSOD error on motherboards based on VIA chipsets. (KA7, KG7, KR7A, KT7, KT7A, VA6, VH6, VL6, VP6, VT6X4)
  2. There is a new option "APIC" in "Advanced BIOS Features" after upgraded TH7-II to BIOS 38. What is the effect of "APIC" option?
  3. How's the IRQ sharing issue for BD7 / BD7R motherboards?
  4. How's the IRQ sharing issue for KR7A / KR7A-RAID motherboard?
  5. Why BD7 / BD7-RAID did not design to 3 Dimms of DDR?
  1. How to use the interior USB connector on motherboard (KR7A)?
  2. What is the function of AC2001 ASIC on KR7A / KR7A-R?
  3. Does KR7A / KR7A-RAID support the new DDR333 memory modules?
  4. Does Abit KR7A-RAID support ECC memory?
  5. How to Enable 48-bit Logical Block Addressing Support for ATAPI Disk Drives in Windows XP
  6. Why does my system hung up at Windows screen after flash the BIOS from newer version to older one?
  7. Why does the power on process take longer time for KR7A system? Is there any memory compatibility issue? (KR7A and other KT266A chipset board)
  8. Why installed AC97 Audio codec driver under Win98&NT 4.0 would get error messages ? (BW7/BL7)
  9. The BL7 or BW7 board failed to power on with POST code "C1". Is it a mainboard defect or something wrong with memory module? (BL7, BW7 or other Intel 845 chipset mainboard)
  1. Why I got "Primay IDE channel no 80 conductor cable installed" message on screen while booting the machine?
  2. TH7II power on failure with debug code 13 or 01
  3. KG7- AMD761 vs. VIA 686B issue
  4. How to use TwinView
  5. Siluro BIOS Upgrade Guide
  6. Why did the system lock up on Adaptec SCSI BIOS for several minutes, and then continue booting up? (Common issue)
  7. Why did my system lock up during installing Windows XP?
  1. Quick Installation Guide- How to install Windows XP with HPT37X driver 2.0.1019
  2. Is the ABIT mainboard compatible with Microsoft new operation system- Windows XP?
  3. Why can't ABIT KT7A / KT7A-RAID V1.0/1.1/1.2 and KT7E mainboards support AMD AthlonXP processors?
  4. Why do I get a shaking or vibrating display with ABIT Siluro MX400 and KT7A mainboard? Or the 3D gaming failed sometimes?
  5. Why can't my KG7 system boot up after I enabled ECC function in BIOS setting?
  6. Why can't I boot from a SCSI CDROM attached to Adaptec 29160 SCSI card then install operation system onto assigned hard drive? Or fail to start Windows with Adaptec 29160 SCSI card plugged on KG7-RAID mainboard?
  7. Does ABIT KG7 / KT7A / KT7E mainboard support AMD AthlonXP processors?
  8. WARNING!!! Read this before use AGP card!!! (BW7/BL7/TH7/TH7II and all other 845/850 mainboards)
  9. Does ABIT mainboard based on Intel 440BX, i810 and i815 series support Intel new Celeron 1.0A/1.10A/1.2/1.3GHz processor? (BX133 / BE6 / BE6-II / BF6 / BH6 / BM6 / BP6 / BX6 / ZM6 / SA6 / SE6 / SL6 / VA6 / VL6 / VT6X4 / VH6)
  10. I adjusted the External Clock(CPU/PCI) up to 110Mhz and set the AGPCLK/CPUCLK(AGP Clock) as Fix(66Mhz) ,my system hanged up and became unstable. Is it because that the AGP Fix (66Mhz) function not working?
  11. Will any Highpoint 366 BIOS/Driver update for HotRod 66 Card and BP6,BE6,BE6II v1.0/1.1 boards?
  12. Do ABIT Socket370 motherboards support Intel tA1 Stepping (512K L2) CPUs? (Generic)


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