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  1. Released Date: 07/06/2000
  2. Supports Celeron 633(66),667(66),700(66)MHzCPUs
  1. Released Date: 06/09/2000
  2. Fixes the incorrect memory capacity issue under Linux.
  3. Fixes the ACPI issue under Windows 2000
  4. Supports Celeron 533a(66),566(66)and 600(66) MHz CPUs.
  1. Released Date: 11/26/1999
  2. Supports the PIII 600Mhz(100Mhz FSB) CPU.
  3. Supports 40GB harddisks and above, However we aren't quite sure what the precise capacity is, since the current maximun harddisk on the market is 40GB.
  1. Released Date: 07/26/1999
  2. Fixes the Y2K RTC problem.
  3. Supports Socket 370 Celeron 500 Mhz CPU.
  4. Improves the IRQ assignment function.
  5. Improves the TURBO FREQUENCE function in CPU SoftMenu section.
  6. Fixes the password function
  1. Released Date: 06/11/1999
  2. Supports the socket 370 Celeron 466 Mhz CPU.
  3. Supports the PIII 550Mhz CPU.
  1. Released Date: 05/24/1999
  2. Revises the BIOS to pass the Year 2000 RTC Rollover test.
  3. Supports the Socket 370 Celeron 466 Mhz CPU.
  4. This BIOS can not pass the critical CMOS reading and writing test in PCCHECK.EXE. It will be ready in the next BIOS.
  1. Released Date: 04/01/1999
  2. Supports the PIII CPU Processor Serial Number function, it's called Processor Number Feature in the BIOS Features Setup section.
  3. Supports assigned manual PCI IRQ in the PCI Onbard section.
  1. Released Date: 02/08/1999
  2. Supports Socket 370 Celeron 433 MHz CPU
  3. Supports correct naming of Pentium III CPU.
  1. Released Date: 01/19/1999
  2. Fixes the NEC ATAPI ZIP drive incompatibility problem.
  3. Supports the Intel Pentium III 450 and 500 Mhz Katmai CPU.
  4. Supports the Intel Celeron 366 Mhz CPU option, up to 400 Mhz compliance.
  5. Supports the clock multiplier up to 8 times.
  6. Solves the problem of Windows98 not being able to shut-down properly when the ACPI function is enabled.
  7. Supports DMI 2.3 . You have to input /CD parameter to Clear DMI pool data while updating the BIOS.


For Pentium III (Katmai) users, the BIOS will indicate PII EVEN if it is a PIII because the code was finished just prior to the unveiling of the new PIII name for the Katmai. This will be corrected in the next BIOS.

  1. Released Date: 11/23/1998
  2. Updates the K/B default setting to 8Mhz to fix Microsoft Elite K/Bs.
  3. Changes the ACPI default setting to disable.
  1. Released Date: 10/20/1998
  2. Supports ACPI function.
  3. When upgrading to the BH6 FU BIOS, please use AWDFLASH.EXE 6.6 to avoid upgrade failure.
  1. Released Date: 09/10/1998
  2. Supports the Celeron 300 and 333 CPUs with built-in cache.
  3. The BH6 uses 2M EEPRAM, please use the AWDFLASH.EXE 6.22 version (or newer) for upgrades.


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